Things to Know


*  We have two dogs and two cats: Atticus, Ellie Nudge and Tony.  They don’t go into the cabin  (so don’t let them try to talk you into it) but occasionally wander into the studio to check out what’s happening. Atticus prefers impressionist style and Ellie prefers abstract.  Nudge, the cat, never compliments anyone, but can be a real flirt.  Tony has only three legs, but a plethora of personality.

* PEI has mosquitoes!  Some years they are non-existent; some years they are pests.  We have a lovely screened-in gazebo and the guest cabin has a screen door and mosquito netting … but if you are walking along the shore in the evening you may require repellent.   We do not use chemical spray, but have found hemp oil to be a good natural repellent.  Please bring your favourite.

*  As our property is naturalized: we have some golden rod, ragweed, and are encouraging milkweed for monarch butterflies.  Allergy sufferers beware!

*  We are a non-smoking facility, but smoking on the deck is permitted.

*  If you would like to bring alcohol or soft drinks, please feel free.  There is a small fridge in the art studio for guests to use.