Guest Cabin

Santori Artist Retreat 5

The 8 X 12 guest cabin was salvaged from down the shore.  The white interior and colourful antique furniture create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere.









DSCN2417The trim around the windows is made from timbers that washed up on the beach, with their tiny barnacles still intact.  The two windows, screen door, and ceiling fan provide the cabin with cool ocean air in the evening.





Double bunk beds are comfy and cozy. The double bunk bed makes the room comfy and cozy for two people. The upper bunk is suspended by large chains from the ceiling.   Linens and towels are provided, so simply fill your suitcase with your essentials for a perfect holiday in PEI.  

The cabin is connected to the studio via a large 10 X 16 deck.  Colourful sun sails provide protection from the weather, but still allows plenty of sunlight for the studio.