About Us

We moved to Panmure Island, Prince Edward Island, when we retired in 2012.  Michael had spent 45 years in the construction industry in Toronto and I had been in social work and education for 30 years.  We both loved our careers in Ontario and had also spent several years in Australia and Bermuda teaching high school and managing construction projects.  But it was time for a real change.

When we visited Panmure Island, we knew we were home.  St Mary’s Bay, with its mussel farms, and the secluded Panmure beach were quaint and beautiful beyond our expectations.  And Michael, being a downtown Queen and Bathurst boy, wanted to be surrounded by forest.  So 83 Blackberry Lane, it was!

We have traveled throughout the world, (Australia, Morocco, Europe, The Middle East, and Africa) and strongly believe in sustainable environmental practices and living an organic lifestyle.   So once we finished building our home (and we really did build it all ourselves … we have the aches and pains to prove it) we got started on our greenhouse and raised garden beds.  Visitors to our retreat will hopefully enjoy the “fruits (albeit veggies) of our labour.”

Michael loves to paint with oil, but never seems to have enough time.  Hopefully in the near future, he will get back into that hobby.  I like to write and I am working on a thematically linked anthology, which is 99% done, and has been for a decade!   I also enjoy gardening and making found art.  The driftwood arbor that leads to St Mary’s Bay was my first creation and a birch branch tepee is a great little place to meditate or simply breathe.

We both love animals and have a fun, fur family of Atticus and Ellie, (two elderly mutts) and Tony and Nudge (cuddly cats).  Since I have traveled through Africa three times, I have become a strong advocate for elephants … particularly the preservation of wild elephants, and I strongly support ZooCheck with their goal to educate the public about the plight of captive elephants, and have them released from cold climate zoos … and into warm sanctuaries with other elephants.

So that’s a little about us, in a nutshell!  Satori Artist Retreat isn’t meant to be a big business for us.  We hope to welcome approximately a half dozen visitors a summer.  It’s more about the community and the sharing of space, time, and inspiration, so art can happen.  I believe everyone needs art in their life.  Whether it be cake decorating, oil painting, quilting, or simply piling up beach stones … all these activities make us forget about time, and that is when our soul sings.




P.S.   As you can see, I’m no website designer … thought I was too old to even try.  But thanks to my friend, Audrey, I am slowly learning.