Arabian Nights – Gazebo Style

When I was a kid I had a thing for those romantic Arabian Nights tents in the story books with all the colourful sheers billowing in the desert breeze, the dark red carpets overlapping each other and the intricately carved Moroccan lamps.   Fast forward fifty years and I still have a thing for that look.   Hence Satori’s gazebo.

My favourite thing about spring and getting Satori back in order is the day I spend setting up the gazebo.   Unrolling the straw carpets, hanging up the colourful sheers … (two made by my special friend Sue who does great art work on silk fabric) … and hanging up my funky hand made chandeliers.   The faded red Ikea sofa has seen better days, but it’s comfort for a snooze in the afternoon cannot be matched.   They didn’t have Ikea sofas or twinkle lights in those romantic Arabian Nights tents, but if they could have I’m sure they would.

Here’s to another summer at Satori.  Sipping wine in the gazebo at night.  Watching the June fireflies in the long grass. The crickets.  The amazing night sky.  The warm ocean breeze.  So thankful for our own little Arabian Nights gazebo.