A Flagler Beach Anukshuk

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I’m glad we’re spending another winter in Flagler Beach, in our little “housesitting” house one block from the beach. Over the last two years, Hurricane Mathew and Irma did a number on Coastal Highway A1A and the beach retaining wall, taking out many of the lovely wooden staircases that used to do down to the beach at the end of each street.  I used to love sitting there in the evening, having a glass of wine, watching the last of the light leave the water.  Watching the pelicans take their final pass, and the shore birds finally go wherever they go to rest for the night.

But much rebuilding has been done.  And with the new rocks that reinforce the new section of road, come some environmental art.   Anukshuks are popping up along the edge of the beach and roadway.  Small, yet mighty, signifying a place well traveled, loved and searched for. Must be all the northern Snow Birds like me creating these playful symbols of a road well traveled.   But upon research I have also learned that they can have many meanings and cautionary messages.  So one must always be respectful of historical symbolism, when using another’s cultural symbols.

We will be here until April … perhaps I will make an anukshuk of my own?   Perhaps not.  I have learned in all my world travels, often it is best to leave nothing behind, only soft footprints.