Thank you Satori Guests!

With the cold ocean breeze today, summer finally felt over.  I started the long list of autumn chores, so today I began to put the gazebo furniture away.  While I washed the Muskoka chairs and stuffed the sofa pillows into huge plastic bags I thought about all the lovely people who visited Satori Artist Retreat this summer and spent time with us in that little gazebo, chatting about art, talking about life, and just hanging out with a glass of wine in the evenings, enjoying the warm ocean breeze.

Mary from Ontario arrived in early July, and spent a week relaxing and creating.  She vows she is coming back next summer for the Montague Plein Air Art Festival.  Hope so!  Thanks Mary for the sweet painting of our house; we will always treasure it.

Next Barb, Danny, and Brooklyn from Cape Breton arrived and had a technology-free week, enjoying the beach, board games and creating shell art.  I adored hearing their giggles coming from the studio all afternoon.  Loved the beach bonfire with marshmellows and S’mores …  all I can say is thank goodness for flashlights.

Elizabeth from New Brunswick was our dedicated writer,  who spent almost two weeks at Satori, only taking breaks from her writing to swim and walk the shore.  We enjoyed her company immensely, having our evening dinners together. We were grateful to add her poignant novel, Jazz, to our library.  What an incredible story.

Steven, (a journalist from Ontario) and Janet and Tommy spent a terrific week travelling about our beautiful island and searching for sand dollars and star fish on the sandbar.  The dogs and cats quickly became Tommy’s best friends.   It was so lovely getting to know you guys!  Hope to meet up in Toronto sometime!

Our final guest was Marilyn, Sackville’s Poet Laureate, who endured a chilly stay, when the September evenings turned damp and cold.   Marilyn was such a joy to host.  We loved sharing travel stories in the evening, reading her poetry aloud and will treasure the anthology she left with us.

Thank you Satori Artist Retreat guests of 2017!   Thanks for making our summer a fun-filled, inspiring one.  Soon we will be off to Flagler Beach where we too will write and paint, and simply enjoy our own winter retreat.