An Artful stay on The Florida Keys!

It was time to take a vacation from our vacation.

Once again we are housesitting this winter in Flagler Beach, Florida, but the bucket list was calling, and it was time for a long awaited trip to Key West!   Marlene, a lovely neighbour, took care of Atticus and Ellie for the week, so we had total freedom to wander along whatever path we pleased.

First we visited friends, Ariel and Gary, in Venice and toured their pretty town.  The afternoon spent on Sanibel Beach was a delight, bringing home a bag full of shells  … can hardly wait to get back into my shell art this summer.  I will be gluing shells to everything.

Our  roaring airboat ride throughout the mangrove swamps of Everglades City unfortunately brought no alligator sightings … no surprise there!  (The boats are so loud, what alligator with a smidgen of common sense would stick around?)

We stayed in a sweet Airbnb in Key Largo and wandered around all the Keys.  The historical trolley ride around Islamorada was sponsored by the Moose Lodge, and many stories were told about the hurricanes of the past and how the Keys have changed due to those storms.  We loved our afternoon at Hemingway’s house, and of course I could have spent hours with the six toed cats that roamed the house and yard.   A favourite time was our lunch at Robbie’s, where the not-so-shy pelicans outnumbered the humans!

But of course my favourite time of all was tracking down all the local galleries, despite the weird left turns and stressful traffic. Local art is flourishing in The Keys.  No doubt … beauty abounds!  Loved the old decaying Flagler-made railroad tracks, which I think would make an excellent place for an artisan show.  Too bad we are not there next week, as a fine art show on Pigeon Island sounded fabulous!

Came home so inspired from the Florida Keys … definitely an artist’s dream place!



The old abandoned railway tracks with a tenacious tree!


I love pelicans!