Winter Park Art Festival

DSCN2499                                  DSCN2500


I am so lucky to have found these two lovely pieces at Winter Park Art Festival,  just north of Orlando, Florida.  Talented artist:  Anastasia Alexandrin creates lots of funky art:  dancing owl paintings and this beauty and her crow.  (Check her out!)  These came from a series of six, depicting a quirky story about the girl in the hat.  Unfortunately I couldn’t bring all six home.

It was beautiful seeing people striding through the park, with brightly painted canvasses under their arms or a sculpture tucked into a shopping bag.  Many say buying art is a luxury ….only the rich can buy good art.  I don’t see it as a luxury;  I see it as a necessity for my soul.   It is what makes my house my home!

I shop at thrift shops, blend my coffee at home, have friends over for dinner, buy my books at yard sales, don’t have the latest technology (ever), and use coupons …. and then I BUY art!!!!!!


Sharon Robson